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Anhui Royee seed co.,ltd is a high technology enterprise mainly engaged in crop breeding, production, management and biotechnology product development.
The registered capital of 30 million yuan. The company employs have 50-100 people currently , December 2008 was identified as high-tech enterprises by government.
Our company has a scientific research institution:HuaiNan Royee seed science and technology research institute .
The company established three breeding station in JiangSu, AnHui and SanYa , a Hainan breeding base and a gene technology laboratory and analysis test center.
We have the most advanced scientific instruments. The company marketing network  covering the Yangtze river 、the Yellow River、basin in xinjiang, and parts offices in WuHan, JiNan, KuErla and so on .
.A、scientific research
The company have a strength research team,There are large number of domestic and foreign famous experts, professors, scholars working in our company.
(1)herbicide resistance transgenic research: transform the herbicide resistance gene to new cotton seed varieties , at present, the company has already fight the glyphosate gene into the company self fertile cotton varieties, resistance performance stable, has completed  the test.
(2)space breeding research:cooperated with jiangsu taicang cotton breeding center ,  selection and matched the seed of the space satellite , at present has been stable varieties  high quality breeding materials, by this strains matched of genetically modified insect resistance hybrid cotton have respectively in provinces cotton area test.
(3)two-line indica japonica hybrid rice research: the company independently of the breeding of indica sterile line for female parent, matched with the advantages of japonica rice male parent . Now breeding a number of promising new strong advantage combination between subspecies , has entered the stage of varieties comparison and trials, output is higher 15% ~ 20% than normal hybrid rice varieties.
B、The research results
The company pays attention to the research and development of new varieties,A Variety of  products,backup resources reserve is very rich. The company with the well-known domestic cotton, rice breeding units such as China cotton research institute, the Chinese rice research institute, NanJing agricultural university, JiangSu, AnHui academy, AnHui agricultural university and other maintained a close cooperative relationship.
The company was registered in 2007 since the ministry of science and technology for agricultural science and technology achievements transformation project 1 (May 2008 - May 2010), access to the national free money to fund 700000 yuan; The state council for genetically modified organisms breeding major special 1 (June 2009 - December 2010), access to the national voluntary funding for more than 320 yuan.
B、The aim of the company
The development strategy of our enterprise is "professional breeding, at every step ahead" , "broadcast green hope, benefit hundreds of millions of farmers" as the enterprise mission. In future, the company will renew the science and technology, higher quality, better service, more sincere idea the seed business bigger and stronger, make greater contribution to agricultural production in the world .
Companies adhere to the "science and technology as the backing, take the market as the guidance, survival by the quality, seek development by innovation", hope cooperate with seed same trade from all over the world, we sincerely hope to give farmers to bring real benefits to the society, and create more economic benefits to the social.
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