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Mission:scatter green hope, benefit hundreds of millions of farmers;
Goal: to create the most competitive seed industry;
Spirit: beyond the outstanding, refused to mediocrity;
Good faith first, quality first;
The customer is supreme, service is supreme;
The principle for business
The pursuit of profit, but not venality;
The courage to competition, but not Roman holiday;
Equivalent exchange, but not haggle over every ounce;
Staff virtue
Do good work not arrogant, does not seek personal gain ;
Proud not ecstasy, frustrated not destruction;
For name not vanity, profit not WangYi;
Volunteer for maintaining, riches and honour not luxury;
Growth way:day cleaning day, introspection, innovation, high
Nissin:complete day must be done, complete the plan completed work.
Day province: to summarize the experience, review the shortage of the day, make improvement measures.
New: every day, accept the new information, learning new knowledge, have made new achievements.
Day high: a little bit of progress every day
Harmonious way
Three to : unite as one, respect for obedience, To, strict management, we close the heart; To left and right sides, pity and makes group and not the party.
San-duo: see others strengths, want to be good, help others difficulty
Three degrees: convert Angle, and grasp the scale, pay attention to manners
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