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"Anhui Royee seed varieties recommend and introduce seminar ”held successfully in XianTao city ,HuBei province [2013-3-10]
Seed industry marketing have no fixed mode,lock terminal by new ways [2013-3-10]
Congratulations to AnHui Royee seed co., Ltd is regarded as the national high and new technology enterprise [2013-3-10]
Special transgenic major project smoothly through national acceptance [2013-3-10]
Anhui royee seed co.,ltd is regarded as "2012 HeFei innovative enterprise" [2013-3-10]
Anhui Royee seed co.,ltd was selected in "hefei hi-tech zone little giant cultivation science and technology enterprise" [2013-3-10]
Anhui Royee seed co.,ltd was successfully held the "North ShanDong new cotton varieties promotion and presentation" [2013-3-10]
Varieties advantage highlights, broad prospects - Royee seed co.,ltd species in the Yellow River basin demonstration advantage highlights the dealer and the promotion of high interest in cotton farmers [2013-3-10]
Good news:There is a high and new technology products through the determination [2013-3-10]
Good news:two achievements won the provincial scientific and technological achievements registration [2013-3-10]
News in brief about Anhui royee seed co.,ltd and HeBei argricultural academy cooperation signing ceremony [2013-3-10]
No.1 Nuohua cotton was authorized by the state [2013-3-10]
Good mews :Anhui royee seed co., ltd has through the high and new technology enterprise affirm [2013-3-10]
Anhui royee seed co., ltd recruit the dealers for the royee cotton NO.9 in ShanDong province and TianJin city [2013-3-10]
Royee cotttonn No. 12 has through the national authorized [2013-3-10]
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